Agent Banking FAQs

a) What is agent banking?

Agent banking is to provide limited Banking service through a Bank nominated Agent at your locality.

b) What is difference between customer account in a Bank Branch and in Agent outlet?

Basically there are no difference and all customer accounts are Standard Bank accounts

c) What is extra charge required in maintaining account in Agent outlet?

No extra charge required for banking services in an Agent outlet.

d) What documents requires to open an account in nearest Agent outlet?

Completely filled & signed Account opening form with the following documents:

        – 2 copies of P.P size photograph of Account holder.

        – NID/Passport/Valid photo ID of Account holder.

        – Photograph of Nominee attested by account holder.

        – Photocopy NID/Passport/Valid photo ID of Nomine

e) Is it safe to open account and perform transaction through Agent Banking?

Opening account and perform transaction from MMBL Agent Outlet is absolutely safe and secured. To ensure security, bank has undertaken biometric authentication along with regular banking practice. To ensure security of the transaction at Agent outlet, customers will receive confirmation SMS and a system generated receipt after every transaction conducted at Agent outlet.

f) Who can be an Agent?

A juristic person, business entity or organization as per clause 12 of “prudential Guidelines for Agent Banking Operation in Bangladesh dated September 18, 2017”

g) Do the Agent needs to deposit security money with the Bank?

No requirement. However, as the Agent Banking is based on prepaid module, as such, the Agent needs to keep some amount in his account and in his hand to carry out the business. The account balance should be Tk.2.00 lac on an average.

h) How many manpower require to run the Agent outlet and who will bear the cost?

Agent will require at least 2 persons to run the agent outlet and the cost will be borne the agent.

i) Who will bear the cost to run the Agent outlet?

The Agent owner will bear the cost to run the Agent outlet.

J) Is there any Training facilities for Agent?

Bank will train to develop the knowledge of the Agent in the following areas:
Concept of Agent Banking

  • Rules and regulations of Banks and other Regulatory Authority
  • Agent Banking products and services
  • IT infrastructure and Electronic device
  • Software
  • Marketing and Communication Skill; and
  • Related issues