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School Banking is a fun, interactive and engaging way for School going children of Bangladesh to learn about money and develop good savings habits. Establishing good spending and saving habits early sets a great foundation for your child’s lifelong relationship with money and banking. Our School Banking program works with local schools to help children learn the important lessons that will help them set good financial habits to support them throughout their lives.

About MODHUMOTIপাঠশালা School Banking Account
MODHUMOTIপাঠশালা School Banking Account is an interest bearing local currency joint savings account for school going children aged up to 18 years under School Banking for minors, which is operated by their guardian/parent till they become adults.

Account Opening
A minor jointly with the legal guardian can open this account and legal guardian will operate the account on behalf of the minor.
For example:
• Minor should be 1st Applicant and parents/legal guardians will be the 2nd applicant.
Initial Deposit Requirement
•Initial Deposit Requirement is BDT 100 only.

Facilities for the Juveniles:
1. Personalized cheque book will be issued to the Guardian in the name of minor.
2. An attractive “ATM Debit Card” with minor’s name imprinted on it with the opening of a MODHUMOTI পাঠশালা School Banking Account which is absolutely free.
3. Deposit Transaction Limit – Unlimited
4. Withdrawal Transaction Limit:
• Cheque / ATM / POS – Maximum Total Amount BDT 5000 per month.
• Maximum number of Cheque/ ATM/ POS Transaction per day: 3
5. No service charge except Govt. excise duty.
6. Transformation Policy: When the minor reaches the age of 18 and becomes major then bank will transfer this account to normal savings account.
7. The account will enable the parents to save for the future of their child.
8. The parents can open FDR & DPS through this account.
9. Internet Banking facility will be available.
10. SMS Transaction Alert will be sent to guardian’s mobile phone.

Simple Documents for Opening MODHUMOTI পাঠশালা School Banking Account
• 3 copies photographs of the minor (account holder)
• The attested photocopies of birth registration certificate and institutional identity card/Certificate issued by Educational Institute/Receipt of School Fees of latest month of students (for school going child)/Passport.
• 2 copies photographs of legal guardian.
• National ID Photocopy of Legal guardian.
• Nominee photo 1 copy & NID Photocopy.

To know more please contact any of our Branches
Or, Retail Banking Division
Modhumoti Bank Limited
Head Office
Khandker Tower, (Level-7 & 8), 94, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212
Phone: +88 01787 662944 (10.00 am – 06.00 pm on working days)